AnimMate is built on the passion and talent of our team.
With our shared desire to push technology to realise the creative vision.
We love being challenged to provide fresh and exciting content.

Showreel highlights


We have various skillsets in the animation industry from character animation to liquid dynamics to motion capture and more.

Online Finishing

Please speak to us about finishing your content from grading to final picture. 

Print illustration

We create moving pictures for a living but also create stills where

Liquid animation
Liquid animation is often a torturous process yet one that is visually rewarding.
Over the years we have conquered the many difficulties of the medium. 

Crowd creation
We have created thousands of virtual extras for our clients. Our in-house motion capture 
studio is used to record motions that the ‘live performers’ would be required to do. 

Motion capture and characters
With over a decade of motion capture experience, 
we use our in-house system to record live actor performances 
that drive the 3d characters we model. 

On-set supervision, previz and finishing
Meeting the needs of any project from animation to previz to on-set supervision to finishing.

Photographic studio
We offer a spacious multi-functional photographic studio for 
various types of shoots. Size: 13.5m length x 7.5m width x 8m Height. 
The studio includes a bathroom with shower, a make-up/dressing room,
a fully equipped kitchen and outside patio. 


We would love to hear from you